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Our Vision

Airline industry is characterized by an oligopoly structure, a form of imperfect competition in which a limited number of firms dominate the industry. Our vision at Alvir, is to create prospects to all Pakistanis with an affordable & memorable air travel besides creating jobs in aviation industry of Pakistan.

Every day, approximately 100,000 flights take to the sky and land around the globe. Flying continues to be of tremendous importance to modern lifestyle and getting on an aircraft is among the safest travel choice that one can take. At Alvir, connecting people and businesses is the top priority. Our idea is to work with international safety agencies like IATA and also other airlines and to raise travel standards and implement best professional practices.

Our futuristic strategy is to connect the world to, and through, our hubs in Pakistan. At Alvir, we intend to operate modern, efficient and comfortable aircrafts with a team of dedicated aviation professionals. At Alvir, we are staunch believers and practitioners of the unwritten rule in aviation that is “SAFETY FIRST”. This typically applies to operational safety however, as per our vision SAFETY is encompassed also at nanoscopic levels.